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Top 10 Attractions in Miami Beach

10. The Wolfsonian

Although famed for its beaches, Miami Beach is also rich with beauty indoors. This particular 3-floor Top 10 Miami Beach museum, cafe, and gift shop is located in the Art Deco district and features rotating exhibits and various cultural collections from the 1850s to 1950s. Hours range from Mon-Fri 10 AM - 6 PM (closed Wednesday), Fri 10 AM - 9 PM, and Sun 12 - 6 PM. Cheat code: FRI69 (i.e. the museum is free on Fridays from 6-9 PM). Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for students.

9. New World Symphony

Viola! Behold America’s premier orchestral academy in a spectacular Frank Gehry-designed venue, in and of itself worthy of a Top Ten Miami Beach attraction shoutout.  Although performances occur indoors, the shows are broadcast on a 7,000-square foot wall outside, so bring a blanket, wine, and/or that budget-friendly ramen (#nojudgment) as you enjoy the intricacy of classical or jazz music in the most simplistic of environments. Top 10 Tip: this free event is very popular, so arrive early for parking and seating convenience. Visit for a list of upcoming concerts.

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8. Lummus Park

If you think you’ve seen this place before, you probably have - this Top 10 Miami Beach attraction has hosted many a film crew. Within walking distance of Ocean Drive, this palm tree-lined beach combines lush park greens with sandy turquoise water for an optimal vacation experience. Biking, volleyball, jungle gyms, fitness equipment, slides, and more can be found along the paved path. Bonus: public restrooms are available when you can no longer contain the morning’s bottomless mimosas. Open daily sunrise to midnight.

7. Ocean Drive

Next on our Top Ten Miami Beach landmarks is the famous (or infamous, depending who you ask) Ocean Drive. Spanning from 1st to 15th Street, Ocean Drive exudes that quintessential Miami Beach atmosphere. Everything you’ve seen on The Real World has prepared you (or not) for this party-popping strip, day or night. Leave the squeamishness at home because you are bound to see, touch, or taste something that will leave you questioning your life choices. For those seeking a softer version, the upper and lower sections offer quieter nighttime experiences.

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6. Botanical Garden

This small but mighty 2.6-acre Top 10 Miami Beach park is lush with garden serenity! Leisurely stroll among the orchids and koi ponds while you contemplate how to quit your job and become a butterfly wrangler. Adjacent to the Holocaust Memorial, this garden is free to the public (suggested $5 donation) and offers a quiet spot to reflect afterward. Peruse their calendar for an afternoon yoga session or weekend workshop. Guided and self-guided tours are available. Open Tues-Sun 9 AM - 5 PM.

5. Boardwalk

You know a Top 10 Miami Beach attraction is golden when even the locals continue to frequent it! Running from 5th to 46th St. is this four mile paved and wooden boardwalk along Ocean Drive. Flanked by the Atlantic Ocean, luxury hotels, and condos, the views in any direction are sure to impress. Grab a bite to eat, go for a jog, even skateboard down this scenic and popular path. Please note that pets are prohibited. Parking available in multiple Collins Ave garages.

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4. Lincoln Road Mall

Looking to people watch? This Top 10 Miami Beach attraction is the city’s nightclub-version of everywhere else’s state fairgrounds. This outdoor, pedestrian-only street mall is packed with clubs, restaurants, shops, views, and characters. Whether you’re seeking fresh fruit for your sangrias or sunglasses to hide your hangover, the open-air mall at Lincoln Road has got you (un)covered! Open 10 AM - 11 PM with several bars/restaurants open later.

3. Art Deco Tour

The Pokemon Go of architecture! This Top 10 Miami Beach tour will provide a rich and colorful history of the city by showing off its range of unique architectural features, from Art Deco to Mediterranean to Modern. Many of these hotels, restaurants, and other commercial buildings appeared in “Miami Vice” — see how many you can find! Tours depart every day of the week at 10:30 AM with a bonus evening guide on Thursday at 6:30 PM. $20 with student ID or $25 without. Self-guided audio tours also available.

2. World Erotic Art Museum

Located in the throbbing center of South Beach, this global collection of phallic erotica will excite you in ways that only a room full of penises can. Even Rembrandt and Picasso lend their interpretations of tasteful art to this collection, ensuring that you will experience nothing short of time-tested titillations. Plus, a student discount for erotica? Tuition well spent! Open Mon - Thurs 11 AM - 10 PM and Fri - Sat 11 AM to midnight. $13.50 with a student ID or $15 without.

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1. South Beach

Warm water, soft sand, ocean breeze.. ahh, this is why you came to Florida! Save yourself $10 and be sure to bring your own towel or chair (of course, don’t forget that sunscreen or you’ll end up even crabbier than usual on Monday). After you’ve splashed in the waves and created your first sand angel, head over to the Ocean Drive boutiques, cafes, or clubs.  Not sure which is more abundant: the garage level parking or range of opportunities from PG to R-rated fun! Come see why the Magic City has earned its name!

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